Shiloh and the Spirit Realm" is a story that utilizes web3 technology to bring a unique and innovative form of storytelling to readers. The protagonist, Shiloh, stumbles upon a mysterious mask that transports him to the Spirit Realm, a parallel world inhabited by spirits. As Shiloh embarks on a quest to discover his true identity and find a way back to the mortal world, the community of NFT holders has the power to shape the course of the story by voting on what happens next in each new chapter.

The Team

"Shiloh and the Spirit Realm" was developed by XELEVEN, a metaverse studio founded by Stacie Ant and Aaron J. Cunningham. Both Ant and Cunningham have extensive backgrounds in digital art and blockchain technology.

Ant is a digital artist and creative director who has worked for major brands such as Nike and Adidas, and has had her art featured in publications such as Vogue Magazine and Vice.

Cunningham is a developer with over eight years of experience in the blockchain industry, having worked for companies such as IOST and Coinsquare, as well as the metaverse company RaveSpace and Musee Dezentral.

Roadmap 2023